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Tom Crews


About Tom Crews


Tom Crews is a seasoned basketball coach and educator who lives in Louisville, Kentucky. He has over three decades of experience as a Head Coach, and in recent years, as a Teacher. In honor of his successes as a coach, Tom was voted Coach of the Year on several occasions around the country and district levels. As a teacher, Tom Crews holds several educational certifications, including an Indiana Life License Secondary Professional and a Kentucky Life License to teach grades 7-12.

Tom received his bachelor’s degree at Indiana University at Bloomington, a public research university in Bloomington, Indiana. It is known for being Indiana University’s flagship campus as well as its largest of nine, hosting over 40,000 students. After graduation, Tom went on to earn his master’s degree from Indiana University in South Bend, a sister campus located on Indiana University’s primary regional campus, IU. South Bend has a unique combination of extensive university resources and a campus location that seems small and intimate.

After graduating with his master’s degree, Tom Crews spent the majority of his career as a head basketball coach, encouraging young people to find the best versions of themselves. As a high school teacher, Tom enjoys mentoring and inspiring kids at a more cognitive level. He excels at teaching are AP Government, U.S. History, AP Human Geography, U.S. Government, Sociology, Civics, and World Civilization. In addition, Tom teaches students the importance of health and safety through Physical Education, Health, and Drivers Education courses.

As a mentor, he has formed lifelong relationships with his former players. Tom is consistently humbled by his accolades from former students and players, whether they turned towards sports and became Head Coaches and Athletic Directors or chose the academic route towards principals and superintendents’ roles. 

Tom likes studying current and historical politics outside of work. He is a true patriot at heart and wants to stay as informed as possible, especially given the importance of his influence on the younger generation. Basketball is unquestionably Tom’s favorite sport. In his leisure time, though, he likes to golf and considers it to be his favorite activity.

Tom, too, has strong ideas and ideals. He is a devoted Catholic who adheres to traditional beliefs. Tom likes spending time with his family, friends, and pets, in addition to these hobbies and values.

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